"La Cultura Cura" The Culture Cures
(Family/Parent Education )

Program Description:

An interactive multicultural education workshop for parents and youth that teaches best practices to promote Reading, Writing, Math, History, and Art using their cultural heritage. Our goal is to engage parents to use culture as a valuable pool of resources to motivate children to learn and be SUCCESSFUL in school. Parents learn educational activities that motivate learning at home, promote self-esteem, and embrace cultural customs and traditions of Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, and the United States.

Participants Will:

  • Teach math skills in the kitchen while cooking

  • Learn to increase reading at home using history books and cultural projects

  • Promote writing by creating a family cultural booklet (cultural stories & "dichos" – proverbs)

  • Motivate student to learn and increase self-esteem using Art activities ( cultural murals, mask making, etc.)

  • Learn to value the cultural heritage of Latin America

Program Details:

Dates:  September 1-December 15 and January 15-May 30

Times:  8 am - 7 pm -During or after school

Duration:   4.0 hours (Presented in 2 sessions)

School Fee:  $275 per hour

Attendance Minimum:  10

Attendance Maximum:  30

Bilingual Presentation:  Yes

Technical Needs:  DVD Player Overhead Projector, Tables for Displays

Other Info:  Parents may bring preschool children. Assistance is provided in developing fliers and promoting the program in school


Call:  Dulce Isalguez Parker at (972) 276-4972

Deadline:  Two weeks advanced booking.

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