.Caribbean Roots” Cultural Education Program

Grades 2nd & 3rd – Talented and Gifted, Special Ed., Bilingual

Program Description:

Take a cultural journey to the Caribbean Islands and experience hands-on activities that include Art, Mask Making, History, Geography, Storytelling, and Dancing. Learn about their rich cultural diversity and heritages coming from Indigenous (Taino), European and African cultures. The presentation highlights the discovery of America, customs & traditions, and the African cultural influences that exist today.

Students Will:

  • Learn about the History of the Discovery of America

  • Paint Afro-Caribbean Masks

  • Learn Caribbean dances (Salsa & Merengue)

  • Learn about the different tropical foods of the Caribbean Islands

  • Read stories about the Indigenous people of the islands (Tainos) and Africans

Texas State Education (TEKS): Social Studies; Geography, History, Art, Culture,Dance, & Reading

Program Details:

Dates:  September 1 - December 15 and January 15 - May 15

Times:  8 am - 6 pm during school or after

Duration: 1.5 hours for each session

School Fee:$185 each -1.5 hours sessions ($370 for 2 sessions)

Attendance:  5 to 35

Bilingual Presentation:  Yes (English & Spanish)

Technical Needs:  TV/DVD Over Head projector, 2 tables

Other Info:  Teacher or parent volunteer needs to be in the classroom.


Call:  Dulce Isalguez Parker at (972) 276-4972

Deadline:  2 weeks prior to class

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