Who we are

Mission Statement

We Are: a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Art/Cultural Education Organization founded 2001.

Mission: Our mission is to promote, educate, and celebrate the Hispanic / Latino Culture in Northern Virginia and Dallas, Texas communities. We teach the rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic/Latino people coming from Indigenous, European, and the African connections in the Caribbean Islands. Our focus is on highlighting our cultural diversity; to better understand, value, and share our customs and traditions (history, art, music, dance, and foods). We provide Art and multi-cultural education programs; presentations, workshops, and cultural diversity training sessions to staff and community organizations, youth, children and families. We build partnerships with schools, cultural-Art centers, recreation centers, Libraries and other community organizations (such as military veteran organizations, Police Dept. Juvenile Dept.)..

Goals and Objectives

To provide cultural education activities that connect youth with leadership skills, increase self-esteem and cultural pride, and to promote education. We work with parents and schools to provide parent involvement education on how to support their children in schools.

We build partnerships in the community schools, Art and Cultural centers, recreation centers, and Libraries to share, educate, and celebrate our cultural heritage and the common bonds that connect us all. Together we motivate students to stay in school, achieve high academic success, and connect with their cultural heritage which instills cultural pride and builds a strong future.

Our Cultural Education Programs are:
- “
La Cultura Cura” the Culture CuresA community leadership program presented to youth and families to teach how to use their cultural values to increase self esteem, discourage high risk behaviors, and strengthen the family and community.
- “
Bringing Parents and School Together” - An education program to teach parents about the education system and the importance of being involved in their children's education
- “
Caribbean Roots” - Art cultural activities that connect children with the African cultures of the Caribbean people; the history of our “Hispanidad”, dance, music, and foods.

Dulce Isalguez Parker
Founder -President, & Cultural Educator
Phone: (972) 276 – 4972


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