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La Fuente – Dallas Morning News
Dallas, Texas
by Elena Gaona

August 11, 1999

Dulce Isalguez Parker,

AL DíA -
Dallas, Texas
Cambiante diversidad de hispanos en DFW
September 23, 2016 Por KARINA RAMÍREZ/AL DÍA

Dulce Isalguez Parker ha notado el aumento de dominicanos en el área. | BEN TORRES/AL DÍA
¿De dónde vienen los hispanos que viven en el Metroplex?
Destaca aumento de colombianos, puertorriqueños y dominicanos en Dallas y Fort Worth

"Estamos aquí
pero estamos
dividados, no nos

Dulce Isalguez Parker,

En el hogar de Dulce Isalguez Parker, las máscaras puntiagudas abundan con colores vibrantes.
“Este tipo de máscaras son para febrero cuando celebramos nuestro carnaval, se llaman diablos cojuelos”, explicó la dominicana.

Isalguez, una educadora cultural, vive en el Norte de Texas desde hace más de 35 años. Ella ha visto su comunidad crecer tanto —un 43% en 10 años según el Censo— que apenas los conoce en el área del Norte de Texas. Los dominicanos se encuentran entre las ocho comunidades latinas que más han crecido en la región.

“Cuando yo me mudé, recuerdo que tenía que ir bastante lejos para ir a comprar un plátano…ahora se encuentran en todas las tiendas”, comentó. “En ese tiempo, en 1979 había poco latino. Yo me reunía mucho con la Asociación Puertorriqueña porque eran del Caribe, lo que teníamos más en común”. READ MORE



Points of pride - Dulce Isalguez Parker
She teaches families to value their cultural roots

Dallas Morning News -
04:50 PM CDT on Sunday, July 16, 2006
By LAURA GRIFFIN / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

Several years ago, social worker Dulce Isalguez Parker was concerned about a growing number of at-risk Latino and black children. As an immigrant herself – her family left the Dominican Republic when she was 12 – she thought about what had kept her out of trouble and helped her succeed while growing up. She could point to one thing: pride in who she was and where she came from. So she founded Making Connections Inc., a nonprofit educational program that teaches children and parents to embrace their cultural heritage and builds self-esteem in children.

She contracts with schools, churches, recreation centers and cultural centers to produce programs such as "La Cultura Cura (The Culture Cures)," "Caribbean Cultural Roots," "Mother-Daughter Connections" and "Bringing Parents and Schools Together," all aimed at achieving success for children and families.

Ms. Parker and her husband, William, moved to Dallas in 1979 after they left the U.S. Air Force. She recently talked with us by telephone.

Who or what inspired you for this work?

Children are like little sponges. I grew up in New York, around so many cultures; it was easy to learn about everyone – Jewish, African-American, Latino. I went to school with a little United Nations, so embracing different cultures came naturally to me. But I never thought that I'd be promoting cultural diversity and teaching parents to value who they are. But I guess just growing up in New York inspired me.

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Dulce Isalguez Parker founded Making Connections Inc., helping parents and children embrace their heritage.


Fort Worth, Texas Star Telegram
October 13, 2002

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.Comments & Thanks”:

Comments and acknowledgements we have received over the years. We thank all of the community organizations for their warm reception to our cultural education programs.

Thank you card from The Bridge at Fair Park – August 2016
You were absolutely stunning and extraordinary during your exceptional stay with us.
Thank you so much.
Paula Watkins,
The Bridge Senior Center
Executive Director”

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The Fulton School, Rockwall, Texas

... On behalf of the students and staff of The Fulton School, I would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in our International Week activities. The children loved your colorful show and tell items. They especially enjoyed the mask and fruit items. Several of the children commented on how much fun it was to "wear" the basket on their heads and call out that the items are for sale! Your interaction with the children was excellent!

Thank you again. Please feel free to use our school as a feference at any time!


Laura Davidson
Loweer School Department Head           Click here to see the letter.

Dallas Independent School District, Dallas, Texas

Good Afternoon Dulce,

I hope you remember me. I was assigned to some schools were you did parenting sessions.(City Park, Houston, Medrano, Blair to name a few. I mostly came to City Park and Houston)

I work with the 21st Century. I am no longer a Parent Involvement Specialist I am a Program Manager now. I would like to set up a time to meet with you and some of my site coordinators to discuss setting up parenting sessions for the fall and spring. .. I really believe in your program and I look forward to working with you."

Aundrita Renee Smith, Program Manager
Extended Year Operations/21st CCLC

"Dearest Dulce,

We are thrilled to have you working with us. I am sure there will be many more ways we can work together this coming year. Thank you for enthusiastic support. .... Talk with you when you return. G2"

Giselle Antoni
Executive Director
Big Thought, A Learning Partnership
Home of Young Audiences, ArtsPartners and other inspired programs for learning

"Mrs. Parker,

Thank you for your advice. We learned a lot with "La Cultura Cura" and the other classes were also very helpful; especially the last class about the colleges.

Raquel Correa (Parent)

Dedra Arthur, Community Liaison
Amelia Earhart Learning Center
April 29, 2003

".. for the first time in the 8-year existence of our school's parent resource center, parents utilized it as was originally intended--to make themselves at home, caring for it and learning in it--a home away from home."

"..We here at Earhart are eternally grateful for your vision in developing such a valuable and much-needed program. Both teachers and parents have noticed the "change" in their students, who displayed daily excitement and classroom enthusiasm, at the knowledge that their parents were "coming to school".

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